30mm Ultrasonic Sensor

SQDSC906A4C0 SC906A4C0 3389119086967
794.56 / EA
This product is part of the Hyde Park range, an offer of ultrasonic sensors. This ultrasonic sensor has a cylindrical M30 design and adjustable sensing type window. It supports 2m nominal sensing distance and analogue output. The ultrasonic sensor with a rated supply voltage of 15V to 24V DC with reverse polarity protection and current consumption of 80mA. It is furnished with 3m cable for electrical connection. It is an IP67 and NEMA 4X rated product. The enclosure is made of ULTEM with silicone rubber front. Its dimensions are 95mm (length) x 34.7mm (width) x 30mm (height). It weighs 0.95kg. It is suitable for packaging, automotive, food and beverage processing applications. This product is certified by CE and UL. The Hyde Park ultrasonic sensors operate in diffuse, reflex and thru beam modes. This range of sensors even includes long distance detection models. Hyde Park ultrasonic sensors perform contactless, reliable, and high performance detection regardless of the target's shape, texture, color, or transparency.