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Mayer began as "The Electric Supply Company," when it was founded by the late Ben S. Weil in Birmingham, Alabama in 1930. The economic collapse in the 1930's caused the business to be sold to Mr. Max Mayer, who renamed the company Mayer Electric Supply. Mr. Weil remained with the company as the General Manager and repurchased the company in 1934, but decided to keep the name.

In 1979, Charles Collat, Sr. and his family acquired the portion of the stock of the company that had been held by Leonard Weil, the founder's son, leaving the Collat family as the sole owners of the business.

Mayer began its rapid expansion in the 70's with branch openings in other nearby cities. The pace has quickened with the company expanding to eleven states and now 54 locations. The company today, still headquartered in Birmingham, has $817 million in sales and is among the largest electrical distributors in the U.S.