Value Added Services - VAS

Mayer’s Value Added Services are programs and services where Mayer adds value to your project beyond the standard distributor relationship. Project Management, Material Management and Jobsite Logistics are the three primary ways we bring you value.

Mayer has set the standard with our Mayer Project Management services and now with our Customer Integration team we are harnessing the power of technology through solutions like the Project Management app. Let the Mayer team design a solution for you. 

Putting the Value in Value Added

Plain and simple. These programs are designed to increase your profit through added efficiency and reduced cost. How do we deliver this to you?

  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Reduce Storage Costs
  • Size, Schedule & Complexity Determined
  • Reduce Damage or Loss
  • Increases from Returns
  • Custom Solutions designed for your project

Project Management

Material Management

No Space? Not Ready? No Problem. Let Mayer handle your material management challenges.
  • We receive material ahead of time and take care of any damaged material or quantity issues. 
  • We will custom bundle, package and deliver material as requested on site. 
  • Result is a guarantee that you will have exactly what you ordered when you need it.
  • We create part numbers specific to your company and job and can provide a report of what is on hand whenever you need. These part numbers ensure that your materials will only go to YOU!
  • Added Perks:
    • Invoicing Upon Factory Shipment – increase cash flow by having the freedom to bill your customer at the time of shipment
    • Material is available for inspection in our warehouse at any time
    • Photos can be provided of your material stored in warehouse
    • Your material will be insured by Mayer, with policy payable to owner utilizing C.O.I.


Jobsite Logistics

Mayer has a variety of jobsite solutions customized for your project, your job site and your specific goals utilizing Mayer Associates, Mayer Apps and Software and job site cages.
  • A dedicated Mayer associate embedded on site to receive material for you, check for damages, and distribute properly around the jobsite.
  • These associates are employed by Mayer but report to your job site and work as a co-worker and can be billed hourly or built into the overall cost of the project.
  • Specialized storage and material management systems on the jobsite.
Mayer Project Management
Mayer Material Management
Mayer Tool Cage
Mayer Project Management Services - MPM


Mayer Project Management

Mayer Project Management

Mayer Customer Integration


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