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Easy TeSys Motor Control

Tailored to meet the challenges faced by new economies, Schneider Electric’s new Easy TeSys motor control offer is fit for purpose without compromising on ease of use, robustness, and availability. Easy TeSys is simple to select and install at an optimized budget, reduces installation time, has robust performance for common applications, and the flexibility to add motor disconnects in order to meet NEC requirements. Easy TeSys contactors, overload relays, and manual motor controllers are designed to switch and protect the most common motor applications and are UL-approved. 

Featured TeSys Products
Simple to select and install at an optimized budget, Reduced installation time, Robust performance for common applications, Flexibility to add motor disconnects to help meet NEC requirements.
OEM’s, Panel Builders,
Contractors, and System Integrators.
Conveyors, Packaging, Pumps, Compressors, HVAC,
Refrigeration, and Furnace applications.

TeSys Contactors
TeSys Relays
TeSys Controllers

up to 20HP/480VAC, 52A continuous current

1 NO Aux Included
1M electrical operations at AC-3 current
Panel/DIN rail mount
IP20 finger-safe
Coil voltages include 120, 24, and 240 V AC and 24 V DC
Easy to access documentation through QR code
UL Approved
Bimetal Overload Relays 

from 0.1 to 32A

Sealable Cover
FLA Dial
Auto-reset switch
NO/NC Contacts
Direct Mount to DPE Contactor
Manual Motor Starters

up to 0.1 to 32A, 20HP/480VAC

Suitable as Motor Disconnect
FLA Dial
IP20 finger-safe
Pushbutton start actuator
Panel/DIN rail mount
Off Position (lockable)
Sealable cover
Easy to access documentation through QR code
UL Approved

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