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Mayer-Calhoun, Georgia Associate Saves Boy's Life

What was your day like? A simple question many of us are asked by our spouse when we get home in the evening. Most don’t have an answer beyond ‘fine’, but Scott Newton, a counter sales associate at Mayer-Calhoun, Georgia, had a big story to share just a few weeks ago.

As Scott was locking down the store he heard a woman screaming out in front the building. She was shaking a little boy who was already turning blue and appeared to be choking. Scott quickly ran to the rescue. He turned the little boy over and rapped him on the back a few times until the boy spit out a large piece of hard candy that had apparently lodged in his throat. The woman was very thankful and expressed that to Scott, but humble Scott just figured he did what anyone would do in that situation.

How many people are ever even faced with a situation like that much less have the knowledge of what to do or can keep a cool enough head to enable them to react quickly and properly? Scott Newton is a true hero. While he doesn’t think of himself that way, according to David Callaway, Mayer-Calhoun’s Branch Manager, customers already think of Scott as a someone who performs heroic duties every day serving them, sourcing difficult to find items, and getting them delivered on time.