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Collat Scholarship Recipients for 2014

Collat Scholarship Recipients for 2014

Charles A. Collat, Sr., along with his wife Patsy, established a scholarship program to assist associates’ children who plan to pursue or are now pursuing post-secondary education in college and vocational programs. The program is administered by Scholarship America, who has become the nation’s largest administrator of scholarship, tuition assistance and education loan programs for corporations, foundations and individuals. Since the program began in 1999, 109 students have been assisted in their education! Mayer Electric Supply congratulates the parents of all of these students and extends to all our sincere appreciation for their hard work.

Mayer congratulates the following recipients of a Collat Scholarship Program Award for 2014:

Lauren Burks, daughter of Susan Burks (Mayer Showrooms). Lauren is pursuing a degree in Accounting at Auburn University.

Amanda Coleman, daughter of Karen Coleman (Mayer Norcross). Amanda is pursuing a degree in Information Systems at Georgia College and State University.

Ivey Crow, daughter of Rodney Crow (Mayer Decatur). Ivey is pursuing a degree in Nursing at Calhoun Community College in Decatur.

Ripken Gorman, son of Tom Gorman (Mayer Macon). Ripken is a student at the University of Georgia.

Caroline Jones, daughter of Eddie Jones (Mayer Greensboro). Caroline is majoring in Sports & Exercise Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Isabelle Kalahar, daughter of Joe Kalahar (Mayer Orlando). Isabelle is pursuing a degree in Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida.

Casey Metts, daughter of Clint Metts (Mayer Columbia). Casey is pursuing a degree in Special Education from Columbia College.

Meggan Rogers, daughter of Jarrett Withers (Mayer Durham). Meggan is pursuing a degree in Biology from Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah.

Mariah Simms, daughter of Calvin Sims (Mayer Birmingham). Mariah is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Renewals were also made for the following previous recipients:

  • Britt Moore, (Scott Raines, Mayer Dothan)

  • Anna Jones (Richard Jones, Mayer Decatur)

  • Theodore Kort (Ted Kort, Mayer Wilmington)

  • Kevin Leach (Teresa Leach, Mayer Huntsville)

  • Joscelyn Marshall and Jonathan Marshall (Michael Marshall, Mayer Columbus)

  • Kelly McEwen (Mark McEwen, Mayer Norcross)

  • Madeline McGuire (Denise Barrett, Corporate Marketing)

  • Andrew Milstead (in memory of Johnny Milstead, Mayer Birmingham)

  • Ashley Nobinger (Cindy Nobinger, Corporate Payables )

  • Lindsay Skipper (Jeff Young, Mayer Panama City)

  • Ashley Davis Stover (Don Davis, Mayer Birmingham)