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Statement of Ethic For Our Suppliers

At Mayer, ethic is not a sometimes thing. Our relationship with Suppliers must always be based on high ethical standards. We expect to deal with our Suppliers with integrity and honesty. It is our policy to adhere to good business principles and avoid circumstances that would tempt compromise. We intend to do business on a factual, straight-forward basis, and expect the same in return.

We intend to provide a professional purchasing team who will be readily available to all of our Suppliers. Purchasing decisions will be based on total Quality and value. In our opinion, total Quality and value encompass the ability to meet Mayer order requirements, competitiveness, service, technology, engineering, management, cost assistance and continued supply during shortages. It is our desire to maintain with our Suppliers a continuous and candid dialogue with respect to the total Quality and value concept. It is Mayer’s policy to maintain long term relationships based on meeting mutual commitments.

Our Suppliers’ products represent our fundamental link to the marketplace. We view our Suppliers as business partners and welcome any comments or suggestions that would strengthen our approach to the marketplace and enhance relationships with our business partners.