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Statement of Ethic For Our Customers

Our customers are among the most vital components of our business activities. We will continually seek to acquire, maintain and enhance relationships with customers, whom we view as business partners. Therefore, we will conduct our business in a manner that is fair and beneficial to our partners as well as ourselves.

   • We must achieve our place in the market based on our ability to represent a total value package. Our commitment toward total value

      will encompass the following:

   • We will provide quality products at prices that give the customer an attractive return on their investment.

   • We will maintain high levels of inventory consistent with marketplace demand.

   • We will continually pursue higher levels of service and response.

    We will offer and advance technical assistance where applicable.

   • We will be involved in continued promotional efforts for our business partners as well as our company.

   • We will maintain a staff of highly trained, dedicated and professional personnel.

   • We will operate the administrative aspects of our business with integrity and timeliness.

    We will communicate with our business partner customers in a factual, straight-forward and honest manner.

   • Having no desire to fragment or dilute a market without value added, we will continually analyze, update and control our corporate

      marketing objectives. Where changes are required, action will be taken to so accomplish.

    We hope that by communicating our policies to the public, we will receive constructive comments and suggestions that will strengthen

      our approach to the marketplace.