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Statement of Ethic For Our Associates

The associates of Mayer Electric Supply represent the company's most valuable and important asset. They are the fundamental channel of communication with customers, suppliers, and the community at large. The degree of success that our company can achieve is represented by the sum total of the individual success of each associate and their contribution to Continuous Quality Improvement.
Mayer strives for a culture of teamwork, openness of communication, resolution of conflict, utilization of problem solving skills, creativity, profit consciousness, planning, coordination, measurement and critique of results.
The company pledges to employ only qualified individuals; provide continual training and educational opportunities; promote from within where possible; and design compensations programs based on responsibility and performance.

Mayer Electric Supply is committed to an environment that encourages each associate to establish personal and business goals, be at work each day with a clear mind, maintain a positive attitude toward their responsibilities and work together as a team. Associates are encouraged to develop and maintain good health habits and life styles.
It is incumbent on each associate to respect and protect the assets of the company. It is each associate's duty to act in a manner that will reflect favorably upon their personal integrity, as well as the integrity of the company. All Mayer associates are expected to conduct themselves with the law and Mayer's published Statements of Ethics for its Customers and Suppliers.