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State-of-the-Art Inventory System

Inventory Accuracy Assurance

For customers, a distributor's inventory accuracy means material is on the shelf, in the right place, in the right quantity, ready for the customer when it is needed. For a distributor inventory accuracy is critical for efficient, error-free and profitable operations. Mayer does physical inventory counts each year to assure inventory accuracy as well as on-the-spot tests and reconciliation. Our larger operations have a full-time team of Inventory Control Specialists to do cycle counts and help assure our inventory records are accurate.

Our program of "Day's Work In A Day" means all transactions are entered into the automated inventory control system in the day in which they take place. This again, assures inventory records are accurate, thus eliminating unnecessary backorders and shipment errors.

Item Identification and Barcoding

All material locations are identified on our computer system and printed out on documents for both re-stocking shelves and for pulling tickets. This prevention method helps assure accuracy and speed in getting materials on the shelves and then out to our customers.

Barcoding systems are in place at our two largest hub location in Birmingham, Alabama and Norcross, Georgia. The systems includes put-away, location, order picking, and shipping procedures, all of which are designed to help insure on-hand inventory accuracy and customer order shipping accuracy.

Quality For Our Suppliers

We are a partner with our suppliers in providing a consistently reliable channel to market thereby providing access to their products to the ultimate customers. Our Quality process will assure our suppliers of a continuously viable distributor for their products and a cost effective method to put their products in the hands of customers.

Mayer's Quality process encompasses our suppliers. We track our supplier's lead times and adjust our inventory levels to counteract fluctuations in their performance, so as to have products available for our customers at all times. Additionally, we track, analyze and report on the shipping performance for all of our key suppliers. This data is used as a basis for planning and action step development to help our suppliers' performance.


Item by item verification by the receiving department helps assure accuracy as shipments are received by our warehouse. 100% of the receipts are re-stocked on our shelves nightly, eliminating wasted time by our stock pullers trying to find materials and slowing down the order - stock pull - shipment cycle. Bin location is specified, documented and tracked for every item.

Electronic Communication & Replenishment

Mayer has established electronic communication links with many key manufacturers. This speeds order replenishment cycles, which helps assure customers of high fill rates. Additionally, with some manufacturers we have live, direct access into their computer files. This allow Mayer sales associates to quickly check factory stocks and place orders for materials needed by our customers.

Mayer is also on the cutting edge of new processes which result in automatic stock replenishment from manufacturers, known as Vendor Managed Inventory or Supplier Assisted Inventory Management. Lower costs and improved inventory availability for our customers are the expected results.