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Service and Capabilities

Mayer is committed to being First Choice among our customers. Equipped with our Continuous Quality Improvement Process and a company culture that promotes integrity and trustworthiness, our Associates work hard to exceed customer expectations with every phone call, order and delivery.

Mayer sets itself apart through our ability to customize our robust capabilities to every project and to design progressive, technology-driven solutions that solve real-world business problems and achieve specific goals.

Our capabilities and areas of expertise include:

Electrical products: We have developed strong relationships with over 300 of the world’s leading electrical suppliers, and manage over 180,000 competitively priced products with a state-of-the-art ERP system backed by proven company processes and a sophisticated project management system, ensuring our customers have the right materials in the right places at the right times.

Connected solutions: Mayer’s innovative, leading-edge solutions integrate IoT connectivity with advanced sensors, processors and software that enable data exchange between and among our products and their respective environments, streamlining workflows and enhancing the experiences of our customers and their end users.

Lighting: Our diverse product portfolio of intelligent lighting assets and energy-efficient solutions and wide array of services, including layout, controls design and commissioning, illuminate our customers’ physical and behavioral environments by providing data-driven insights that improve operational and experiential efficiencies and inform strategic business decisions.

Digital tools: We design and tailor digital customer-integration tools and technologies that address our partners’ unique needs and challenges, and simplify inventory and supply-chain management for even the most complex projects.

DataCom products: Mayer offers a comprehensive range of advanced data and communications products from highly respected brands that enable contractors to power and network institutions, facilities, factories, offices and homes with speed, intelligence and efficiency.

Power Distribution: Our cutting-edge, highly efficient power distribution products and systems for low- and medium-voltage architectures are supported by strong core expertise – from design to engineering – ensuring reliable operation for customers of all sizes.

Automation and control systems: We provide powerful automation and control systems that utilize next-generation technologies to increase work quality, productivity and flexibility, and reduce operational costs, human error and safety concerns for large industrial and commercial projects.