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Mayer is likely the largest electrical distributor in the southern U.S. We were the first electrical distributor in the entire U.S. to receive certification to the quality standards of ISO 9001. We are a distributor that maintains stocked warehouses at our local branch operations and with our vision of being our customers First Choice SM , we are serious about having the materials you need, serving you well, and continuously improving. We serve a variety of customers including: electrical contractors, data-com contractors, government agencies, industrial firms, institutions, commercial businesses and more.

Electrical Contractors

From large commercial and industrial contractors to local independent contractors of all sizes, Mayer is often the best source for the electrical materials to meet your needs and the service that helps you get and complete jobs on time and under budget. The products we provide are top quality from practically all of the best manufacturers in our business. Beyond just the products, Mayer has outstanding people, well trained, and anxious to make us your First Choice SM . You’ll find the best line-up of services in the businesses, such as Pro-Active Expediting, Job Order Management, and on-site, manned job trailers stocked with materials. To learn more about how we can serve electrical contractors, click here

DataCom Contractors

One of the fastest growing segments of our business is data and communications products. Mayer has an outstanding lineup of products and specified brands to provide contractors the materials for power and networks for offices, factories, campuses, and facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. With the products comes Mayer’s commitment to great service and always-competitive prices. To access our DataCom Products Catalog, click here . To speak with one of our datacom specialists please contact us a 1-800-444-8524 .


Mayer provides products for new construction, renovations, and maintenance to all agencies of government at the federal, state, and local or municipal levels. Mayer is ready and capable to support governmental entities in facility upgrades, reconstruction, or new construction.  For daily operations, we provide excellent services for routine as well as emergency situations for maintenance and repair parts and materials.    Mayer's contract pricing systems, and fast and efficient website, can provide efficient ordering methods. Mayer's quality people make government employees' jobs that much easier by getting what they need to them easy and fast. For information on what our team of local branches can do for you, please contact us at .


As a leading distributor of industrial MRO and OEM solutions, Mayer provides products and services for practically all industries including: automotive, petrochemical, food and beverage, material handling, paper, packaging, shipbuilding, and chemical. For national and regional multi-site customers, we can bring to bear the outstanding services of a powerful team of the best local distributors from all over North America. Learn more about how we can help your company by clicking here.


We are a leading suppliers to many of the largest electrical utilities in the south. Our stocking locations throughout the eleven states we serve and huge hub locations means we can often provide local product availability and service to power plants, maintenance centers, and a utility’s offices where they are rather than having to be fully dependent on direct shipments from central locations or product manufacturers. To speak to one of our utility specialists, please contact 1-800-444-8524 .

Commercial Businesses

Mayer has outstanding product availability and the services needed to be a great provider of materials to commercial business that range from property managers, developers, retail stores and malls, the hospitality industry, financial businesses, and all sorts of other large and small companies. Whether it is lighting, electrical equipment, communications, we have the products and know-how to meet our customers’ needs. Click here for additional information on services for commercial businesses.


Being there to provide electrical materials for hospitals, nursing facilities, faith organizations, schools, and other institutions is exactly what we do. We are much more than a catalog-house where you need to know the exact part numbers to get anything; we have great people that are well trained to help you get just what you need. We have locations all over the southeast to provide you with prompt service, local product availability, on-the-spot delivery. Click here for more information on what we can do for institutional customers.