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Quality Service, Brands, and Product Offerings

Quality Service

Our Quality policy is to provide complete customer satisfaction and adhere to ISO 9001 standards. Mayer's Birmingham location was the first electrical distributor in the U.S. to receive ISO certification. Mayer now has nine branches ISO certified .

Mayer has a formal, Continuous Quality Improvement process. On-going Natural Quality Teams and focused Quality Improvement Project Teams meet to identify and find resolution to all types of issues relating to the Quality of the services and products we provide. We measure Quality by tracking our performance via statistical process controls. Numerous processes are measured, including stock availability, purchasing performance, inventory accuracy, and fill rates.

Additional details and information regarding our Continuous Quality Improvement process is included later in this presentation.

Quality Brands

Before Mayer makes the decision to stock a new manufacturer's product, the Quality of the product itself is the first item discussed. Additionally, Mayer evaluates such things as market acceptance, the Quality of the manufacturer's sales representation and customer support, ease of doing business with, training they provide to both their own sales and customer service employees as well as Mayer associates and customers, completeness of the line, financial condition, after-hour services, trade association affiliations, etc.

Our Supplier Evaluation process measures the shipping performance and quality assurance systems of our manufacturers. With the data collected, Mayer provides information help our key suppliers continuously improve, thereby helping Mayer provide the very highest level of services and Quality products to our customers

We take care to maintain only the highest standards for relationships with the suppliers of the products we stock and sell. This includes prompt payment of our bills. Our published Statement of Ethic For Our Suppliers provides a foundation for a solid, partnering relationship with the manufacturers of materials we supply. All this assures customers that Mayer will be a solid partner both with you and the manufacturers of the products you use, giving you ready access to both the products themselves and the factories' engineering and problem solving expertise and services when you need them

Product Availability

Mayer truly stands out in the crowd of electrical distributors. Many industry experts have recognized us as one of only a few outstanding companies in the industry. We have been blessed with such accolades only because of the attention to delivering absolutely the highest quality service to our customers.

Having a product on the shelf and ready to ship to customers is how we have earned our reputation. We are likely to have more items, both in terms of breadth and depth, on our shelves and ready to ship than anyone in our area. You'll get your materials fast ... with Mayer.

Using statistical process control data, we are able to assure customers of the highest levels of product availability. Our network of 50 operations in the southeast, provide immediate, in-stock access to the largest inventory of electrical products in the area. Over 40,000 different items valued at approximately $55,000,000 are immediately accessible to service our customers.

Any of our associates at any of our locations can access the full breadth and depth of Mayer's inventory to serve their specific customers.