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Quality Associates - Accessible, Responsive and Empowered

It is Mayer's policy to hire only above average associates. Mayer's extensive selection process provides a methodology for matching candidates' strengths with job requirements, and visa versa. All candidates for employment participate in preparation of personal profiles or interests analysis, pre-employment drug tests and other screening devices that help identify attitudes toward honesty, customer relations and work-related attributes.

Mayer associates recognize that they must be responsive to each customers' needs. Customer account managers and reps typically have mobile phones so that they can always be reached practically at any moment. Many have voice messaging systems that beep their pager within moments of receiving calls.

Sales associates are trained and empowered to routinely and quickly handle requests for product availability, quotations, order entry, expediting for factory shipments, and almost any other on-the-spot requests of customers. Mayer associates are trained, and coached to make commitments, to return calls fast and are empowered to meet their commitments. A number of our sales associates have taken courses and based on their experience, knowledge, and expertise, passed the tests and are now Certified Electrical Professionals.

Mayer has a  Statement of Ethic for Associates  which spells out the relationship of the company and associates. This document is included later as part of this package.

In addition to our pre-employment testing, our program of random drug testing helps assure our customers and each other that Mayer people are first-class and alert-minded at all times. This also serves as a way to keep the costs of doing business low for Mayer and for customers by eliminating inefficiencies, causes of accidents, and business losses.

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