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Mayer Project Management

MPM is a combination of material acquisition, storage and distribution services that are project-tailored to fit the needs of the owner or construction contractor for major construction projects. The process established for each project is based on the factors influencing the successful completion of that job. From the simplest process of having materials shipped directly to the job site, to complete on-site material storage, access and services, Mayer Project Management can lower costs and speed construction.

Each MPM on-site inventory of material project includes the use of Mayer's exclusive Mayer Advantage materials management program. This program effeciently and effectively manages the flow of materials to the job site and is able to provide outstanding accountability, billing and tracking for the contractor or facility.

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Job Order Management, Value Engineering, Mayer Cable Management

Job Order Management

We utilize our unique on-line computerized project order management system to track open project construction orders and shipments, as well as reflect shipping date status. It serves as an automatic expediting record for us to keep track of and follow-up on scheduled delivery dates from factories. Customers have access to up-to-date project order status reports either on a scheduled basis or on request at a moments notice.

Value Engineering

Mayer's Account Managers are experienced at finding ways to lower costs while meeting the quality and service requirements for customers. As often happens, if project proposals come in over budget, Mayer can help find solutions to bringing the project in under budget and on time. Our knowledge of both electrical power distribution and control equipment and lighting systems gives us excellent opportunity and skills to find ways to save costs - both in materials, labor savings and in project completion schedules.

Mayer Cable Management

MCM minimizes or eliminates many of the complexities and costs involved in purchasing, receiving, and storing wire and cable at a job site. The program utilizes partnership and just-in-time delivery processes to assure customers of on time delivery of specified cable products as they are needed in the construction process. Wire and cable for the job are pre-defined and inventoried by our supplier-partners specifically for the construction project.

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