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Industrial MRO and OEM Supply Systems

Mayer Electric Supply is an innovator in the area of integrated services, with a focus on total cost reduction and quality improvement for the industrial MRO operations. Mayer's integrated services specialists perform no-cost analyses to help identify cost reduction opportunities. Allow Mayer to help explore the opportunities that may exist in your operation. Put the power of partnerships to work for you.

JIT Systems of Supply

Utilizing usage history and/or production forecasts, Mayer will match our branch inventories to the historical or forecasted usage patterns. Mayer will report our committed inventories to the plant using customer item numbers cross-referenced to Mayer items. This allows the customer to reduce storeroom and production inventories to JIT levels at no risk. Mayer is committed to on-time delivery performance that meets or exceeds customer expectations. This commitment translates into reduced customer inventories and reduced total cost of operations.

Storeroom Inventory Services

Mayer Electric Supply offers many services that streamline the receiving, stocking, and product identification process for customer storeroom operations. Mayer's process specialists will meet with storeroom and purchasing personnel to gain an understanding of customer processes in order to align our services to meet the streamlining goals. Services such as item number cross-referencing, bar-coding of packing lists or products, special packaging, and other creative material handling and labeling.

Vendor Stocking/VMI

Mayer can design a system of supply where material inventories are maintained by Mayer within the customer operation. By using a kan-ban system, Mayer can manage high turn plant inventories in order to reduce customer cost of handling. These can be "zone stores" or central stores free-issues areas.