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Commitment To Continuous Quality Improvement

Since 1930, Mayer has grown and prospered by supporting a high standard for Continuous Quality Improvement. Quality assurance isn’t simply a motto – for Mayer Associates, it’s a daily commitment to ensuring that customer and supplier expectations are met and exceeded. Mayer provides several resources ensure its products and services are of the highest quality.

Since 1989, the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process has reflected Mayer’s commitment to providing standard-setting products, services and support to our customers, Associates and suppliers, and the CQI process is key to keeping our promise.

Our commitment to quality is well-established. Along with our CQI process, we have learned from leading quality assurance experts – in fact, we are fortunate to have an in-house expert in Charles Collat, Sr. who has served as Director of Quality for the company.

Today, Mayer ensures that our Associates share our commitment to quality by requiring each person to participate in at least 16 hours of assurance training. These skills continually are sharpened by our Associates’ involvement in the Natural Quality Teams, Quality Improvement Projects or company-wide Strategic Quality Initiatives. Associates have

the opportunity to proactively support our processes by originating quality improvement project proposals and participating in mission development and guidance discussions that can result in institutional changes which support our commitment to quality assurance.

Additionally, Mayer utilizes the criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award to guide its ongoing assessment and to benchmark its continuous improvement efforts. We are also in a multi-year partnership with Accelerated Improvement Mentoring, Inc., who serves as a consultant and additional resource in our processes.

Our quality assurance standards can be broken out to our promises to customers, our internal company standard and our commitment to suppliers.

Quality for Our Customers

Our promise to customers is to provide an assured source of materials at fair prices. Our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process is driven to meet our customers’ needs, exceed their expectations and ensure the lowest possible costs their costs. Our promise enables our clients to more efficiently serve their own customers – both internally and externally – and allows them to more effectively compete in the global market place.

Quality for Mayer

Quality assurance is the only way we can ensure Mayer’s continuing viability and success. Since 1930, Mayer has grown and prospered as a highly reliable wholesale distributor that offers products at fair and competitive prices.

Quality For Our Suppliers

Our proven quality assurance processes empower our suppliers with a reliable and streamlined supply chain that provides each customer with high-quality service and support. We track our supplier's lead times and adjust our inventory levels to counteract fluctuations in their performance and ensure product availability. Additionally, we track, analyze and report on the shipping performance for all of our key suppliers. This data is used to optimize our suppliers' performance.