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Commitment To Continuous Quality Improvement

The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process has become part of Mayer’s everyday culture and business practices. Originated in 1989, our process is now well established (20+ years) and anything but a fad or program of the month. Our seriousness and commitment to quality was illustrated early on by our hiring of Sanders & Associates Quality Consultants, not for training alone, but for full implementation guidance for our CQI. Also, the fact that our CEO and Chairman, Charles Collat, Sr., at the time had the title of Director of Quality as well, is illustrative of the importance we place on the quality we provide our customers.

Today Mayer is utilizing the criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award as a guide for ongoing assessment and a benchmark for continuous improvement. We’ve now worked several years with Accelerated Improvement Mentoring, Inc. as a consultant to help us in this process.

Quality for Mayer

Our Quality commitment means we'll provide continuously improving service to our customers, which is the only way we can be assured of the continuing viability and success of our company. For 80+ years, Mayer has grown and prospered by being a highly reliable source of supply for electrical materials at fair, competitive prices.

Quality for Our Customers

Providing our customers an assured source of materials at fair prices is what we do. Our CQI process is driven to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, and lower their costs of doing business. By continuously improving, we'll enable our customers to serve their customers (both internal and external) better, and help them compete more effectively in the global market place.

Quality For Our Suppliers

We are a partner with our suppliers in providing a consistently reliable channel to market thereby providing access to their products to the ultimate customers. Our Quality process will assure our suppliers of a continuously viable distributor for their products and a cost effective method to put their products in the hands of customers.

Mayer's Quality process encompasses our suppliers. We track our supplier's lead times and adjust our inventory levels to counteract fluctuations in their performance, so as to have products available for our customers at all times. Additionally, we track, analyze and report on the shipping performance for all of our key suppliers. This data is used as a basis for planning and action step development to help our suppliers' performance.

100% Associate Involvement in Quality

Every Mayer associate in every location is involved in Quality. Each has undergone a minimum of 16 hours of initial Quality training. All Mayer associates are involved and contributing to our Quality process through their involvement in Natural Quality Teams, Quality Improvement Projects and/or company-wide Strategic Quality Initiatives.

Team Empowerment

Team Empowerment

At the core of our Quality process is team empowerment. Individual associates or teams of associates originate Quality improvement project proposals, then through a process involving mission development and guidance team discussions, teams are set up and empowered to study, pilot and institute changes to permanently eliminate problems or issues that might impede our associates from providing total customer satisfaction.