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Automated Purchasing System

Automated Purchasing System

An automated inventory review program immediately highlights stock lines that are in need of replenishment. The automated system electronically generates the entire purchase order for each separate line of products. With Mayer's on-line, real time system, as materials are sold and received the quantities and material costs are always kept current and accurate.

Our inventory management system is designed to avoid stock-outs and backorders. Even when materials are on order from factories, our automated control system identifies items that have fallen below proper levels or have fallen in a backorder situation so that alternative sources can be utilized and expediting prompted.

Fast Special Order Processing

Our automated purchasing system assures customers of fast handling of any special product needs. The volume of buying we do assures you that you won't have to pay premiums for small size orders, nor will your orders for non-stock materials have to wait for Mayer to put together large enough orders to meet factory minimums. Our inventories are large, and our buying cycles short; both translate into better service for our customers.

The status of your order can be determined by our on-line access mechanism at any point in the order - purchase -receiving - shipping cycle. We won't lose track of your order.

Customer Offerings

Mayer Electric Supply and Electric Smarts have partnered to provide a wealth of information to our customers. Visit our Resource Center to view Webcasts, Video Demos, Product News, On-Line Tools, and much more.

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