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Accurate and Reliable Order Assembly and Delivery

Mayer’s Bullet Fleet Delivery Services puts products at your dock or jobsite every day.

We work to prevent errors. Mayer order assembly documents show bin-location, units of measure, item numbers and descriptions. This helps assure customers that the right materials are pulled in the right quantities. Mayer part numbers correspond to manufacturer's product codes to allow for an extra check in stock pulling accuracy.

All shelves and racks marked with part numbers for added assurance of accuracy.

Pre-shipping inspections are performed by both the assembler and the shipper at our larger locations. Catalog number, quantities, condition of goods and packaging adequacy are all validated.

Delivery Service

Typically, materials ordered for local delivery by our trucks are shipped either the same or next day. Shipments for outside of our local delivery area are typically shipped the same day.

Emergency local deliveries are made on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Among our branches, we have a fleet of approximately 150 delivery vehicles and 200 other cars, vans and station wagons available to make local deliveries.

Fast Special Orders

Our automated purchasing system assures you of fast handling of any special product needs. Our systems include live, on-line links to several of our key product manufacturers, meaning that we can even verify factory stock as a backup to the items we keep on our shelf and enter order for immediate shipment from these manufacturers.

Also, the status of your order can be determined by our on-line access mechanism at any point in the order - purchase - receiving - shipping cycle. We won't lose track of your order and are even automatically prompted to check the status of the delivery prior to its due date with our exclusive process of pro-active expediting

Pro-Active Expediting

We follow-up, follow-through and communicate with our customers on the status of their backorders. Our automated order tracking system prompts our inside and counter sales associates of due date commitments before they are due. This means we're following-up on backorders for customers even without their having to prompt us. Our system even provides the ability to easily send faxes to suppliers for expediting and to customers to advise them of scheduled delivery dates.

24-Hour Emergency Service

It is standard procedure for Mayer to provide all customers with continuous around-the-clock response in case of emergencies.

Click here to find our 24 hour emergency contact information.