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Since the company’s founding in Birmingham, Alabama in 1930, Mayer has remained family-owned through three generations. Founders Rosyln and Ben S. Weil passed ownership to their son and daughter, Leonard Weil and Patsy Collat and, subsequently, Patsy and her husband Charles Collat bought out her brother’s stake in the business in 1979. 
Charles Collat remained President and CEO of the business until 2004, when he became Chairman and CEO and his daughter Nancy Collat Goedecke became Vice Chair of the Board. In 2008, Mr. Collat became Chairman Emeritus and Nancy, became Chairman and CEO. In late 2012, Charles and Patsy Collat completed the transfer of ownership of Mayer to their four children, Nancy Collat Goedecke, Catherine “Caki” Collat Mendel, Susan "Susie" Weil Collat, and Charles “Charlie” Collat, Jr.  
Mayer's family ownership continues to grow as there are 10 members of the 4th generation, with two having active roles in the business today. We are blessed to already have two members of the 5th generation and hoping for more to come.
Today, Mayer remains a privately-held, family- and certified women-owned business defined by its connected team, unrivaled service and innovative solutions. The family is committed to our vision of being First Choice of Customers, Associates and Suppliers.
Nancy Collat Goedecke

Nancy C. Goedecke

Chairman / CEO
Caki Mendel

Catherine “Caki” Mendel

Director of Community Outreach
Susie Collat

Susan W. "Susie" Collat

Vice Chairman
Charlie Collat

Charles “Charlie” Collat, Jr.

Executive Vice President / President Bay Pine Holdings
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